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About PSYCH-K®

What is PSYCH-K® and how does it work?

PSYCH-K® allows us to reprogramme the limiting beliefs that are holding us back, causing conflict in relationships and creating ill health.


Through a series of quick and easy processes called ‘balances’ it’s possible to work on any area of life where things could be improved, whether that’s health, work, money, family, the possibilities are endless. In doing a balance, we reprogram the limiting belief that the subconscious is holding onto, for example, ‘I’m not loveable’, ‘I’m not important enough to spend time on myself’, or ‘I never have enough money’ and we replace it with an empowering belief of your choosing, such as ‘I am loveable’, ‘I am worthy’, ’I have an abundance of money’.

The subconscious

PSYCH-K® works specifically on the subconscious – which takes up approximately 95% of our brainpower and so is always in the driving seat and determines our thoughts, actions, decisions and even the way our genes express themselves. This is why even the greatest willpower in the world will struggle to reach its destination if it is not supported by the driver - who is quietly choosing a different direction in the background.


A long-lasting effect

PSYCH-K® balances hold for a lifetime and their effects can sometimes be immediate. Just a handful of the results I’ve seen in clients after just one session include:

  • Suddenly being confident and calm when confronted with a family member who previously induced anxiety

  • Feeling confident enough to apply for a new job and pursue a dream

  • Realising that they were worthy of taking care of themselves after a lifetime of neglect.

  • Creating more space for love and appreciation in a family relationship

  • Realising that overeating was a substitute for love and correcting the subconscious belief that they were not loveable.


My Story

I became a certified PSYCH-K® practitioner after spending many years battling endometriosis and anxiety and becoming frustrated with invasive and unhelpful conventional treatment.

During my first PSYCH-K® course, I experienced near remarkable transformations such as discovering that my gluten intolerance stemmed from a fractious relationship with my mother, and after having done the necessary relationship balance was able to tolerate gluten. I also witnessed near miraculous results in the other students – such as profound hearing loss suddenly disappearing.

I was so impressed that I went on to gain certificates in the ‘Advanced’ and ‘Health and Wellbeing’ courses and have been practicing PSYCH-K® ever since.

I am also a journalist and founded Glass magazine – a fashion, culture, art and travel quarterly. After 10 years travelling the globe doing photo shoots and interviews with some of the world’s most famous celebrities and supermodels, I decided to settle by the sea to start my family and focus on enriching people’s lives in deeper and more meaningful ways. I still write regularly for the magazine.

My Approach
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